Unifr ses master thesis download

The Master Thesis must be submitted before the expiry of the deadline set for the maximum duration of studies art.

News Interview du Prof. If the thesis has not been submitted by the specified date, the candidate is forced to withdraw from all master examinations that exceed the 18 ECTS authorised examinations by the Regulations Art.

Learning outcomes and career openings The Master of Arts in Management is designed to lead to a career as a manager or specialist in a company, non-profit organisation or administrative department. The actual thesis needs to be designed in link with among the courses taken inside the programme.

Students can create their personalized curriculum. The lecturer of the corresponding semester course may establish guidelines on the subject, development and presentation of the Bachelor thesis art.

Access to further studies. In addition, the BeNeFri agreement allows students to select some courses also at the Universities of Berne or Neuchatel. Kinds of Master Theses Generally, three kinds of master theses are possible in the chair: This provision does not apply to the Master in Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung.

To facilitate the applying, we recommend while using MS-word template that people provide and you can download here.

Our strengths include an ideal size and the personal study atmosphere, an optimal combination of research and practice, the diversity of languages and the intercultural experience. With its intercultural students and its multilingual course offer in French, German and Englishthis Master programme in management at the University of Fribourg is unique in Switzerland.

This internship at a company or other institution provides the student the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge and gain valuable practical experience. It is also reflected in the internship at a company or other institution required as an integral part of the curriculum.

Students can submit a provisional research proposal for any specific subject that they would like to analyse within their master thesis.

As of 14 Septembersubmission of Bachelor and Master theses can be accepted only if you are enrolled for the Autumn semester News Working Paper out now This paper considers the evaluation of direct and indirect treatment effects, also known as mediation analysis, Marketing manager in a consumer goods or industrial goods company; Consultant in a consulting firm or in-house consulting departement; Human resources project manager in a large firm or SME; Tax advisor or auditor; Controller in the private or public sector; Analyst in a financial institution.

May 08,  · Any sites where I could read and download copies of these? I will be at this level soon, and I need some insight. Programs Where to find PhD and Masters Thesis online?

May 9, #1.

Unifr ses master thesis proposal

Will. I need a Master thesis on Gender and political discourse in Algeria Mostefa, May 7, May 7, # Thesis supervisor at UniFR: Faculty of Medicine. Master theses in medicine, in the context of the MMed programme.

top. University of Fribourg • Faculty of science • Department of Medicine • Ch. du Musée 8 • CH Fribourg tel +41 Participation in river restorations or How are environmental subjects formed?

Master thesis Franziska Ruef 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout the course of the master and especially the master thesis.

Bachelor- and Master Theses

The Master's programme comprises a first group of classes in information management and decision support, a second group in computer science, and a third group of optional classes in management.

Students can create their personalized course of study choosing classes according to a required number of credits in the first two groups. Bachelor- and Master theses; Download; Bachelor- and Master Theses.

Bachelor and master theses are an opportunity to work on selected research questions in the field of nonprofit management based on the international state of research and elaborated scientific methods. Every thesis provides new insights in the discipline as well as a.


Unifr ses master thesis download
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